The real new stuff

The New Stuff!

Here’s a little more detail on the new things that have been added to the store:

Buzzed Basilisk

Formerly: Fermented Sauce Experiment 04 (FSX04)

This sauce is fermented honey and garlic. Over a month we fermented those two ingredients, then blended it down, boiled it up, added a couple of things. The best comparison to something people may know is something akin to VH brand garlic sauce. But... different. It's odd, but there it is.


Cackling Cockatoo

Formerly: Test Batch 47

This batch is the odd yet very tasty Watermelon & Peach BBQ sauce. Using a few fresh watermelons and peaches, and cooking it slowly over a few hours, this is a spicy, sweet and thick addition to your food.


Genial Gemsbok

Formerly: Test Batch 73

We used ground, dried Quebec-grown habanero peppers to give it just a bit of a kick, but the most important thing we did was to spend a couple of days drying out some of that wonderful black garlic, powdering it, discovering it has some... unique properties, adding a bit of corn starch and powdering it again, then mixing it and a whole bunch of freshly dried spices together to give this spice mix an absolutely amazing flavour profile.


Raptor Rings

Formerly: Test Batch 68

Pickled Jalapeno rings. Kind of. We combined fresh cut jalapenos, pieces of fresh garlic, mustard seed, black peppercorns, red wine vinegar and salt to make this awesome addition to your meals.  But we couldn't just let them speak for themselves: We kicked up the spice just a notch by adding some pequin peppers to the mix.

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