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Burn of the Month Club

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Are you a fan of sauces?
Are you unsure as to which sauce or sauces you want? Or do you just want to try them all?

Now is your chance!
We've revamped the program to make it a little better all around.

  • On the 1st of each month, DBS will announce the BotM choices. There will be only two sauces chosen and announced on the 1st.
  • For the entire month, those will be the sauces sent out to Burn of the Month Club subscribers. This will be based on order date, not shipping date.
  • When subscribing, you will have the choice of one of the sauces (Sauce A or Sauce B) in 250ml size, or both sauces in either 59ml or 250ml. 
  • There will still be a single, affordable price per month for this service.
  • You will have predictably tastier food.

Each month we will rotate the sauce options, so you shouldn't ever get the same ones month after month. 

If you choose to get a recurring subscription, and you've chosen to only receive one bottle of sauce, we will send you an email to confirm which of the choices you would like to receive, that way you always have a say in what you get.

February 2019

  • OPTION A - Harmless Howler
  • OPTION B - Barbecued Beaver - Red Label


Previous selections:
05.2018 Barbecued Beaver, Groaning Gryphon
06.2018 Burning Bunny, Striking Scorpion
07.2018 Halitosis Howler, Private Pangolin
08.2018 Sinful Snow Leopard, Crazy Carpetshark
09.2018 Zesty Zonkey, Exuberant Elephant
10.2018 Boiling Bluejay, Choking Cock
11.2018 Pretty Puppy, Tabernache
12.2018 Reckless Reindeer, Succulent Swine
01.2019 Explosiv Eichhorn, Firey Fennec