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Burn of the Month Club

Burn of the Month Club

DBS Heat: Variable

Are you a fan of sauces? Of course you are. otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. 

Are you unsure as to which sauce or sauces you want? Or do you just want to try them all?

Now is your chance!
We've revamped the program to make it a little better all around.

You can sign up for our saucescription service again!
Here's the deal

  • Sign up for either a month-to-month, a pre-paid 3 month or 6 month subscription. Three and 6 month pre-paid options get a discount on the total!
  • On the 1st of each month, DBS will send you two of our products in the "small" sizes, or the "regular" sizes, depending on your selection
  • Every month will have a different selection of sauces, randomly chosen from our shelves. As it stands, the selection is large, so you're sure to get a little of everything the longer you're with us.
  • You will have predictably tastier food every month, and, if you decide you really like the sauces, we'll even offer a small discount on purchasing them the month afterwards! 


As an added bonus - for those on the 6 month pre-paid subscription, we will occasionally send you a THIRD item. These will be test batches - our experiments. 

So sign up, and keep things interesting! 



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