FE Updates and CanFURence News

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone survived Furnal Equinox and that we’re all looking forward to the next great adventure together.

First up: Furnal Equinox
Over the next several hours I will be compiling all of the information for the orders that were placed at Furnal Equinox. I have… umm… 55 orders. I have to say that’s quite a bit of homework! I have never been so happy about that in my life! You folks definitely surprised me and the others who were helping at the booth.

Tiggs, Employee of the Month

Which, by the way, I want to thank! Thank you to MAnlantrio, as always, and to both Frederic Husky and to Tiggs. Thank you to all of you for helping at the booth and bringing smiles to so many people.

As an aside, if you bought sauces from any of us this last weekend, thank you!

If you were sold some sort of financing offer on your purchase, please let us know and our "Employee of the Month" will be approached.

I will be slowly updating the Dark Bunny Trello board with all of the orders, where you can track the progress of your orders, and the individual sauces involved. Some of the orders will take time, but we’ll do our best to plow through them as quickly as is possible.

All of the orders will also be colour coded for various things, such as at-con orders, online orders, pre-orders, and if there’s a fermented sauce being needed because those will take time.

Check the board at http://rga.la/DBS-Work

Speaking of pre-orders…
CanFURence is coming up! And if FE was any indication, it’s going to sneak up on us faster than we can fathom, so DBS is already taking pre-orders for CanFURence! I’m leaving the site as-is for ordering, and you can place your orders now and choose at-con pickup! The more I know in advance the better I can serve all of your saucing needs (and the better the chance of you getting what you want, and then using your at-con money to buy other things from our friends in the Dealers room)!

As an added bonus, just use the code SauciliciousCanfur23 at checkout to get a bonus 15% off your order! The code will only work until Canada Day (July 1st for all of you non-Canadians out there).

We're also planning a reprise to our (in)famous Wings/charity fundraiser/game show/staff "appreciation" panel! The format might be just a little different, but the fun will continue, the spice must flow, after all!

Keep your eyes peeled for info on that in the next little while.



And if you haven’t yet, go and register for CanFURence, join myself, Soryanne and Ookami Kemono as we bring the Fire and Ice to the masses. It’ll be an amazing time, and I can’t wait to see you all there!

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