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Good morning all of you lovely people!
Now that all of the Patreon levels have been corrected and established, it's time for news of the current and upcoming sauce stuff. Want to see the rest of the post and the upcoming stuff, as well as get stuff? Check the end of the post for details!

First: The current stuff (available to everyone)
I have managed something that may have implications on lots of sauces going forward. After months of searching, research, and math, after countless requests and comments, I have managed to create a sugar free version of Barbecued Beaver. The first batch is almost dead on, though the maple flavour needs a little tweaking because it comes through a bit strong. But otherwise this offering amazingly wonderful, and comes in at next to no sugar! So all those with issues and dietary restrictions can rejoice!

Bunny's Garden 2022 was a success! The first ever fermented sauces from Dark Bunny worked amazingly well, and are a kick in the tail for those who like heat! The recipe is simple: a touch of garlic, a touch of onions, and a whole heaping lot of super hot peppers that start at Ghost and just go up from there. Some salt, and depending on the version, either white vinegar (Batch A) or cider vinegar (Batch B). Both are available on the site. And as an added bonus to the process, the sauce comes in a powdered form as well!

Now, this part is for the patrons who've decided to pitch in a little more. Want to count yourself among their ranks? Head over to our Patreon and support us a little!

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