CanFURence 2024 pre-ordering is open!


We'll be at CanFURence 2024 at the beginning of August, and as usual we're opening up pre-ordering for pickup at the convention. 

Pre-ordering will be open until the 21st of July.

Here's how it'll work this time around:

  • When selecting your product, you will be shown either "Add to cart" or "CanFURence 2024 Pre-order" - this depends on current stock levels.
  • Choose either option to add the sauce to your order.
  • When checking out, you will be presented with the option of "Pickup in store", and should then see "Convention - CanFURence"
  • Pay for your order, but use the code "CanFUR2024" and get 15% off
  • Come and visit the DBS booth at the convention to pick up your stuff!

Just a note: Some sauces are NOT available for pre-order. This is due to availability of ingredients, or other factors that won't let me have them done in time for the convention. 

Also note: We have several test batches. You CAN pre-order these, but only so long as we have the stock on hand. 


See you all at the convention!

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