Alright! Let’s do this!

CanFURence is coming up quickly, so it’s that time.


For the last month, pre-orders have been open for CanFURence pickup. You now have literally one more week to pre-order your stuff for the convention! Pre-ordering closes on July 7th at midnight. After that: Nope. You’ll have the luck of the draw at the convention itself.

Want an incentive? No shipping! Just choose pickup at the convention as your shipping method and it’s free!
Want even more incentive? Be sure to input “SauciliciousCanfur23” as a discount code during checkout and get 15% off the order!
Want even even more incentive? You make Feli smile!


IAQ (infrequently Asked Questions)

Can I pre-order anything for pickup?
-Sadly, no. Shirts, and retired sauces will not be available for pickup.
Can you make just one batch of X – I really really like it but it’s not available!
-It’s possible, but please contact me first. And especially before the 7th.
Can you make a super-melt-my-esophagus-hot batch of X?

Child of the Revenge of the Vengeance of Burning Down the Con

Some people have recently asked: “Hey Feli,” (which is good, because that’s a name I respond to. People who say “Hey Bob” Might have my dad respond instead, and that would be weird.) “Are you running your panel this year?

The answer is an absolute and enthusiastic yes! Burning Down the Con is making a triumphant return! And, as always, I’ve been tweaking the format a bit. But you have the following to look forward to:
-Seeing your fellow con attendees and staff members eating things in an ever-increasing spice scale based on trivia questions.!
-Levels shall be increased based on answers: Both incorrect, AND for the first time, teams will be punished for incorrect answers by having THEIR level increased more!
-There WILL be prizes for the winners. There may even be prizes for the losers!
-There will be the ability to vote in people to the “Hot Seat,” as well as ways to trigger bonus/danger rounds!
-There will be a running tally/counter for the amount raised for the charity to show just how much we furries like to suffer to support others!

And lastly, in a new twist…

-As the counter goes up, you all as the audience will help decide and add ingredients to the first ever dry rub created at a convention, ingredient by ingredient, pepper by pepper, pain-tear by pain-tear. And once done, during the rest of the convention, this rub will absolutely donate ALL sales to the charity.

Details will come in the next week or two once a few extras have been hammered down, but I doubt anyone’ll be disappointed by the mad-science creation we’ll be making together.


Lastly: NEWEST OFFICIAL SAUCES (Graduated from Test Batches)

Genial Gemsbok
Cackling Cockatoo
Raptor Rings
Buzzed Basilisk

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