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Situations and backup plans revolving around COVID-19

Posted by Christopher on

Hello my friends. I am writing this up now to stave off any potential wave of concerns. For now, everything is business as usual.Nothing has changed. But in the event that things turn south and Furnal Equinox, Fur-Eh and/or Canfurence are forced to cancel their 2020 events, Dark Bunny Sauces, of course, would not be there. It would be a sad thing if it were to happen, but in life we cannot control everything. I understand that a lot of people were looking forward to visiting our booth, and believe me I was looking forward to talking with all of...

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Dear Shopify

Posted by Christopher Pilgrim on

Hello! And thanks for coming to the store!No, this isn't a joke. Nor is this site or post a fake. Please, read on. For those of you who frequent the website, I ask that you bare with me for this post. And here's why: As some of you know, in 2016 I lost my day-job. This wasn't anything that was foreseen, and when they closed my department down after 10 very good years it was a blow. Since then, I have had the good fortune of not only meeting hundreds awesome people at What The Fur, but also of making many...

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