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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I mean, what with the world being in the state it’s in there’s not much else to do, eh?

But seriously. Life has been keeping everyone locked down, afraid of contact and rightly so. But that means many many people and places are going without the support usually provided by our community. Furry conventions tend to raise thousands of dollars for various charities around the world each year, and with most conventions in hiatus for the year, those charities are going without.

Dark Bunny Sauces, over the last several years has run a panel at conventions. It’s a hot sauce eating “competition” panel, all in the name of raising money for charity for the host convention.  Sure, it’s a drop in the bucket in the big scheme of things, but having formerly run conventions myself, I just couldn’t sit on the sidelines for something of that nature. So DBS takes none of the funds raised at these panels: it all goes to the conventions’ charity.

COVID hit, and we’ve decided to try something different, our SMOLDER event. It will be an online version of our panel, livestreaming to Facebook and Youtube. We’ll be calling for audience participation, and raising funds again for charity. This first one, when it happens, will be raising funds for Furnal Equinox’s charity. If it goes well, the next will raise donations for another convention’s charity. And so on, and so forth. This will become a thing. And I have already pledged that DBS will not take in a cent from these online events.  I don’t do these things for me. Well, okay, the advertising is nice. But not for money. I do it for the community, and do it for … well, just why not?

Get to the point Feli. You’re rambling.

Okay, so when I announced that DBS was going to do the online con panel to raise charity funds, I pledged that 75% of all the gift card sales would go to the charity in tandem.

But I had a crazy thought, and you folks know me and crazy thoughts.

From here on, for the foreseeable future, Dark Bunny Sauces will donate 50% of all gift card sales to charities.

Why 50%? Why not 75%? Because I need to cover some costs on my end from those sales. Otherwise I would be operating at a complete loss, and that’s not sustainable.
What charities? Well, here’s my pitch:
I would like to partner Dark Bunny Sauces with a different convention each month. That particular convention’s charity team will receive the funds raised from the sales of the gift cards. This will be regardless of the SMOLDER events.

So, before I jump in with both feet, I want to keep one toe on the beach… what do you all think?



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